GetSome Sea Raider 4-1 Lure Small 7”

The Sea Raider 4-1 lure is among the best most innovative lures available. Aerospace technology with old world craftsmanship, stainless steel Jet head lure with quick change sleeves to customize the color and action. The Sea Raider combines the durability of metal with the performance of acrylic heads. They are not only built to last, but offer the most flexible approach to customize your lures on the fly, to slay all the pelagic species. They can be fine tuned to the conditions or targeted species; tunas, Mahi, wahoo and even billfish. No other lure on the market has as many features. The base head has 4 jets that are engineered to produce a bubble trail with a self-correcting feature to eliminate spinning. The hollow body allows you to pull ballyhoo or other baits or beads/scent chamber to create sound and scent. The base jet with 3 sleeves gives you 4 lures in one convenient package; all without having to re-rig. The stealth sleeve allows you to quickly add an additional color to one of the best jet heads on the market. The fighter sleeve has an erratic action similar to a cedar plug, with the added benefit of jumping out of the water and creating a smoke trail. The bomber sleeve has a deep running cycle that produces one of the best smoke trails on the market. Did I say they catch fish…

Come rigged with 130lb line and hooks.

Lifetime guarantee and annual replacement of the skirts.

Price: $24.95
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