Posted by John on May 31, 2016

Our Latest GetSome sposored trip aboard the Outer limits was a success.  We started out going for the elsusive 100lb plus bluefin tuna but called an audibe and headed to SC Island to raise some squid and get the nice size yellowtail 20 to 30+ pounds.  Here is a nice 20+ ponder I caught using a sea raider stealth sleeve with a slider weight over live squid, in the cove at San Clemente Island.

The squid were pretty easy to raise on squid jigs with the small 5 head daisey chain being the most effective.  From 4 to 530 am we raised all the squid we needed, to complimet our dines.  At 530 the big yellows did a drive by and it was on from 530 to 700 with 10 plus fish all over the 20+ catagory and numerous lost.  Not bad for 18 anglers, given the quality of the fish.  They bit everything from live squid with a slider, jigs and free lined sardines.

I wanted to prove the flexibility of the SeaRaider heads and this was just the opportunity.  The squid we not swimming all that well and the fish were supposed to be on the bottom.  So I grabbed a stealth sleeve with glow in the dark skirt and 3/4oz weight with a number 4 circle hook.  I set it up as a slider and the weight would hold the skirt in place.  This woould give me the advantage of having a glow in the dark lure with a live bait.  At about 530 am as I was flylining my bait along the bottom a huge boil eurupted about 50 feet off the stern.  I was amid ship and as mentioned on the bottom.  Guys with surface irons got hooked up immediatley.  I was in the horns of deliema since I was on the botttom and the fish were on top, but armed with the best combo in the sea I started slowly yo-yoing my rig to the surface and about half way up it was game on.

After the yellows left for greener pastures, we then headed out to deep water in serch of the school of yellows but ended up loading the boat with good eats.  It was now time to test out the prototype GetSome micro baits, that I had given away as prizes for the trip.  Yo-Yoing the micro baits in the 3oz variety tipped with dead squid got their fair share of the bottom dwellers, proving their worth.  These are heavy duty micro baits (1-3 inches long) designed to be casted or yo-yo jigged.  They were enginired to slay those big picky Bluefin Tuna eating micro food sources, and proved their flexibility.

All in all everyone gotsome and it was a great trip.

Thanks to Capt Paul of the Outerlimits and Matt and Travis with Posiden fishing adventures



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Posted by Racheal on May 28, 2015

Our last trip to Bahia De Los Angeles in Baja California produced some great Yellowtail fishing but we also were blessed to be visited by this awesome Whale Shark.  He cruised around the boat for awhile and gave us a spectacular show.

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Posted by Racheal on May 26, 2015

Here’s some pics of my latest trip out of San Diego.  All my fish were caught on GetSome lures and as you can see I’m pretty happy about it!  It was a 2 day trip and the food and company was awesome.  Something I cant wait to do very soon again.  The crew of the vessel asked me for my lures ...

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