We’d love to say we’re just a bunch of extreme dudes from SOCAL who grew up surfing, fishing, off roading and trying other extreme sports who simply came up with a cool name for a brand and are making a go of it, but our story runs a little deeper than that.

We’re all of the above but also disabled veterans, parents to autism, business men and environmentalists who are taking advantage of a brand in order to yes, make a profit but also help causes we feel passion for.

Our Founders story:

It started circa 1972, an avid fisherman at the age of 5, John Anderson had a dream of fishing every day of his life. He grew up in sunny Southern California doing what all kids should have been doing, fishing, surfing, taking off to Baja and living the dream. His parents were active and John was the recipient to a great childhood. He learned to appreciate the outdoors which he still loves to this day.

GetSome began to take shape in 2009 when he was an active duty Marine stationed in North Carolina. After 15 years of saving money and teaching part time, he bought his first boat, a 1990 Grady White Sailfish 25. It did not run at the time so the next year became a labor of love to bring her back to life.

He struggled to name her then one day his wife Tanya said “Hello Marine Get Some” and the name was formed.

As luck would have it, his neighbor, who became a lifelong friend had spent the better part of his adult life as a mate in Ocean City Maryland, making good money fishing the billfish series of tournaments. Immediately a bond was formed and soon the two were out fishing the entire fleet as weekend warriors.

Not satisfied with commercial bought lures, John began designing and building his own. They seemed to work well and he soon had requests from other captains who noticed his high fish counts. He saw it as a potential business but he was still active duty so it was more of a hobby at that time.

John ended up serving his country for 26 years and achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel but during his 4 deployments, suffered some injuries. In 2012, with multiple injuries and the only option for his career being a 5th deployment, John decided to retire. His decision was tough but with an autistic son at home and a family facing some other health issues, the decision was clear. After John retired he decided to move back to California. Not prepared for the increase in the cost of living, his dream to become a name in the sport fishing industry had to be put on hold.

John tried his hand at financial planning and did very well but it simply wasn’t his passion. His wife Tanya supported him through the rough times and let him seek his passion and GetSome Sports LLC was born, focusing on the highest quality apparel, fishing equipment and accessories. Something John truly loves.

John Anderson founder and president is a Retired Marine and Disabled veteran with 26 years of service to his country.